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I'm and independent since last year and I'm working in 2 area's :


      MX : Motocross was a hobby and now I'm a freelance journalist and photographer working mainly for Motorgazet magazine and now also for motorsportnieuws.be.
On my own website
www.mxdoh.be I want to show some of my mx photography.

      IT and Website Design : I know this site looks crappy for the moment but I have a long experience in IT on mainframe and PC and I'm getting up to speed with the latest technologies.
motorsportnieuws.be and mxdoh.be are two examples of what I can do for you.


Next to my work I have to big hobbies :


      Travel : I've been to a lot of countries all over the world and I'm planning to visit a lot more.

      Music : My original website www.doh.be was a music magazine back in 1997. I stopped after a while but I did not stop listening and exploring.


Click on the subjects to find the blog that interests you. MX and Travel are the only sections that are up and running for the moment.












contact : info@doh.be